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Scharhag is professionalism…you can have all the professional qualifications in the world…but you’re not an architect, without clients to practice for. What’s in a word? To paraphrase Webster’s definition, a professional is one who is certified or licensed to make his livelihood by applying a learned art or skill, with conformance to certain standards of ethics and competence.

In that regard, architects are professionals, and Scharhag is a professional architectural firm. We are members of the American Institute of Architects and practice what is preached about competence and conduct. We even have awards and certificates hanging on the wall to prove it. But so do other architects. So what makes Scharhag’s brand of professionalism particular?

Perhaps its because of our concern that architects should not get so wrapped up in our own professionalism that we seem inaccessible to the people who need our services. Before professionalism can be practiced, there must be people to practice it for. That means an architect must be accessible to people, and relate our professionalism to our clients needs. Our first, and primary goal, is to establish a personal relationship with each client that we work for, whether the project is large, or small. We have the same people work on your project from start to finish, because continuity is critical to the successful completion of any job. We are happy to work on projects of all sizes, since we feel that all clients deserve the same quality and professionalism.

We work with our clients from the beginning phases of a project, to the final walk through at the end of construction. We will help you determine the actual requirements of your project. Next, we will sort through different, schemes and possibilities. Once the final design is decided upon, our firm will complete the construction drawings. We will help steer the project through all city requirements. We will assist in locating qualified contractors, and bidding the project. During construction, we will make periodic trips to the site, to help monitor construction progress. We review contractor pay requests and review shop drawings. At the end of construction, we will provide a final walk through review list, and make sure the contractor finals out the job properly, and turns over a complete project, to you, the client. You are the client and we are here to help you.

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